Discover Hum - the smallest town in the world.

According to the legend, Hum was built with the stones left over when giants were building towns in central Istria region. Central Istria is an extremely picturesque region where on almost every hill lies a charming small medieval town, each with its own historical legend. Not far from Buzet, between the smallest towns in the world Hum, and Roč, is the Glagolithic Alley – a unique row of monuments connected by the use of the old Croatian script Glagolithic.

Between the villages of Gračišće and Pićan is the marked footpath with beautiful panoramic views over the surroundings. Central Istria with the sports offer loves those with an adventorous spirit. Of course, there are here beautiful paths for mountaineering, bicycling or riding, but the favourable configuration of the terrain is ideal for different airborne sports such as hang-gliding, balloon flights and para-gliding or for instance free climing and caving and in recent times wakeboarding is popular on the river Mirna. The interior of Istria is covered with a large number of village farms, with a rich gastronomical offer, most of them traditional local dishes. There are meat based specialities, game, the famous Istrian ombolo and sausages, asparagus, fuži (a traditional Istrian pasta) truffles and for desert fritule, kroštule and cukerančići. Istrian wines are famous too, with Malvazija being the most well known white wine, and Teran, the most well known red. Then there is olive oil and excellent Istrian prosciutto ham. If you want to find authentic accomodation, you don't need to renounce luxury. At your disposal are a large number of beautiful luxury villas and estates with restaurants.